Our Mission

To deliver delightful tax refund solutions for our most important industry - travel.

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Our Leaders

Headshot of Sunny Long

Sunny Long


Sunny is a product leader with experience across consumer and fintech companies in Silicon Valley. He has led product and growth teams at a number of successful startups. Prior to Pie he led the global payments team at Udacity, working to democratize education.

Headshot of Dominic Sheehy

Dominic Sheehy


Dominic has worked in a handful of different software industries around the bay area. Prior to Pie he led the engineering team at Thirdlove. He is a software engineering machine!

Headshot of Malte Kamp Videbæk

Malte Kamp Videbæk

CEO Europe

Malte is an experienced executive leader with a demonstrated history of leading change and scale in the retail industry. Before joining Pie he successfully scaled and IPOed Boozt.com who is now the leading Nordic fashion e-commerce company and then held C-level positions at leading fashion companies in the Nordics.

Delighting Tourists

An icon showing a tourist with luggage and a passport.

We agonize over creating a delightful experience for tourists as they are abroad. Learn more

Empowering Store Partners

An icon showing a storefront.

We provide stores a unique platform to better service their tourist customers. With data-driven insights and marketing tools, our store partners are able to leverage Pie to increase their sales. Learn more

Convenience and Safety

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Pie’s digital first approach allows for a fully contactless solution, promoting ease and health safety.

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